Beschreibung: This classic track consists of two sections (Lento-Vivace) and is characterized by a dramatic atmosphere.

Beschreibung: This classical track consists of two sections (Lento-Vivace) in marked contrast of moods.

Beschreibung: RAM is the acronym of the name of three of my dear old friends (Riccardo, Antonio, Maurizio). This piece is dedicated to them.

Beschreibung: Melancholic sweetness , intimacy and lyricism in this looped track. Delicate atmosphere for video and multimedia projects. Piano arpeggios and electric guitar in foreground on a beautiful background of synths, percussions and female choir.

Beschreibung: Remake of a classic Christmas carol, to which I have tried to preserve the original atmosphere: Silent Night (in public domain). The melodic idea of the song is repeated several times in a continuous crescendo, with progressive overlapping of new musical instruments.

Beschreibung: Atmosphere pervaded by a subtle melancholy in this loop, with a great electric piano soloist over a texture of synths, strings and percussions.

Beschreibung: Beats and pulsations, along with an obsessive bass and various synths, are the sound carpet on which stands the electric guitar, with his powerful and majestic solo.

Beschreibung: Sweet inspirational loop. Easy listening full of gentleness and intimacy.

Beschreibung: Epic and inspired atmosphere in this loop (length 1:52), whit a development that leads from the gentle mood of the begin to the central part highly cinematic. Classical instruments and incisive percussions, with the addition of a mellow digital synth and powerful choirs for your projects

Beschreibung: Binaural beats to regain self-control and calm. It is recommended to listen for at least half an hour to get in tune with the binaural beats. A complete relaxation occurs within an hour of listening.

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