Beschreibung: The sound of opening a bottle of wine)) (In the process of opening)

Beschreibung: The big dogs guarding enclosed area, I bothered them, and then I sewed my pants)) I can do for you all types of dogs barking.

Beschreibung: My dog ??has a new tasty bone, suitable for both comedies and horror projects.

Beschreibung: A dog lapping up water. This is a completely realistic sound of great quality.

Beschreibung: Using of this music possible in cinema. Simple logo sound for WEB -sites, videos etc. Opening of the page of the site, logo TV and radio, ring-tone for mobile telephone, in & Out, start or Final, change, opening or closing the page in site, flash-design in PC. Window opening.

Beschreibung: Adult dogs have started, and then attacked the evil puppies)) (Adult mongrel dogs teach their puppies)

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