Beschreibung: The beautiful melody on acoustic guitars, bass, drums, percussion. Ideal for romantic movie or love story.

Beschreibung: Emotional acoustic background music for videos , blog, slideshow and more… Romantic mood. Beautiful melody on acoustic guitars, accordion, bass, percussion and irish bouzouki.

Beschreibung: Beautiful melody in tango latino style, acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, harmonica.

Beschreibung: The positive track on acoustic guitar in ragtime style.

Beschreibung: Joyful, cheerful and positive track in country style. Cello, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, percussion and electro guitar. For any positive video.

Beschreibung: The New Road is a positive track in country style. Featuring acoustic guitars, bass, percussion and harmonica.

Beschreibung: Acoustic guitars, bass, kalimba and percussion. The Blues. Ironic and positive moods. For film, advertising, intros, slideshow and more.

Beschreibung: This one is a positive tune featuring acoustic guitars, bass and percussion. Enjoy!

Beschreibung: This one is an ironic mood track featuring Acoustic guitars and Cigar Box Guitar. Enjoy!

Beschreibung: This one is a lyrical and sad composition. Acoustic guitars, melodika, bass and percussion. Ideal for separation, grief, or unrequited love scenes in movies.

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