Beschreibung: Hip Hop groove with catchy hooks...piano and Rhodes driven, guitar delay melody, synth heavy.

Beschreibung: Acoustic guitar and piano driven backgrounds. Laid back and mellow.

Beschreibung: Acoustic guitar and piano cue. Band instrumentation with synth backgrounds. Upbeat and positive feeling.

Beschreibung: Piano driven cue with modern pop/rock instrumentation. Upbeat and positive

Beschreibung: Driving percussion groove, heavy on synth and very dance-y. Percussion intro. Rocks, but evocative of the disco era.

Beschreibung: Heavy bass groove with Wah guitar, clavinet and synth hooks. A soul funk Cadillac ride.

Beschreibung: Laid back, but determined groove...upbeat and hopeful. Rock with an R&B sensibility.

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