Beschreibung: Science Fiction and Fantasy creates a mysterious and suspensful atmosphere. Inspired by the work of composers such as Hans Zimmer on films such as Interstellar, the piece is propelled forward by a repeating riff using an unusual harp harmonic sound. Other instruments including piano, church organ, bass, synths and brass are added gradually, building to an epic finale!

Beschreibung: A piece creating a tense, suspenseful atmosphere. Orchestral and electronic elements combine to provide a mixture of classic and contemporary moods. An eastern-inflected violin and piccolo melody is at the heart of the piece.

Beschreibung: 'Summer Dance Hit' is an Ibiza inflected dance track which will add feel-good summer vibes to your production!

Beschreibung: A majestic and mysterious piece, which could accompany a voyage through the solar system and beyond, wandering lost in an eerie haunted mansion, a journey through a secretive government installation or any scenario filled with mystery, tension, wonder and awe. Instruments include synth bass, harp, piano, strings, drums, percussion and cymbal effects, sound effects, glockenspiel, lead synth sounds and oboe. The piece has a cyclical structure where each of the main sections segues into the next, is reminiscent of the last but subtly different.

Beschreibung: Epic Hero's Journey has a big and bold orchestral sound. The piece can be used whenever an epic atmosphere is required! It can be used to evoke a feeling of heroism, inspiration and triumph over adversity.

Beschreibung: Corporate Journey is a lively pop instrumental with classical and electronic dance music touches. Instruments include piano, glockenspiel, drums, bass and strings. Perfect for corporate presentations, motivational and inspirational videos, adverts, TV and more.

Beschreibung: 'Happy Pop' is a catchy, upbeat pop track. Suitable for corporate, commercial and creative projects alike, the track will add a positive vibe to your production.

Beschreibung: Happy Pop is an upbeat pop instrumental with a touch of 60s flavour! Use for happy and bright presentations.

Beschreibung: ‘Urban Beats’ mixes elements of electronica, hip-hop and drum and bass into a cool, catchy song! Give your production a busy city feel with this modern track.

Beschreibung: 'Modern Urban Drama' creates a very distinctive, contemporary atmosphere.

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