Beschreibung: A light, inspiring solo piano piece. This uplifiting song would be a nice background to a wedding video, or scenes showing family and friends enjoying themselves. Medium tempo.

Beschreibung: This song starts out like a lullabye with a playful, simple melody, transitions to a blues section, and then transitions back to the playful melody. It would be good as part of a soundtrack to a family-oriented commercial, show or movie.

Beschreibung: This is a contemporary piece with a classical, refined styling. It's at a moderate tempo and is flowing and textured. This piece would be very nice behind an elegant setting or scene.

Beschreibung: A beautiful, haunting song, with a heavier section approximately two minutes into the song. This would be good for someone looking for a piece that gets progressively darker and contrasts with sections that have a sad, gentle, minor quality to them.

Beschreibung: A romantic song that is reflective and pensive. This is a slow-paced piece that would be perfect for weddings, baby-related video, or anything that requires a nostalgic reflective quality.

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