Beschreibung: Modern guitar rock. Uplifting, optimistic, positive, happy, feel good, hopeful pop rock with great intro and emotional build. Like

Beschreibung: Begeistern Sie motivational corporate urkundlich Zeitgenossen zukünftige Wissenschaft-Präsentation Business hell positiv einfach optimistisch Erfolg Lebensdauererwartung erhebend Vertrauen Positivität glänzenden Aussichten Luxus High-End Autos Schmuck Mode Stil außergewöhnliche moderne State-Of-The-Art Design Architektur noble clevere Smartphone Apple mobile Powerbook Iphone.

Beschreibung: A grand, epic and majestic orchestral track. Choir, brass and orchestral strings with battle drums give a glorifying, heroic feel.Duty an Honor, joyful.

Beschreibung: Freudige. Austin Powers cartoon Partei Abenteuer hier gehen wir da was grovey peppigen schrulligen ist dieser irre Mann erheben.

Beschreibung: A very quirky , funny tune , imagine a funny character , perhaps a lost tourist in an unfamiliar country getting in to all sorts of troble walking the foreign streets

Beschreibung: Orchestral theme sad delicate rainy day. So beautiful atmospheric beautiful bittersweet caring confused disenchanted disillusioned dramatic dreamy elegant emotional ethereal forgiving graceful grand heartbroken heavenly honest innocent intelligent longing loving meaningful nervous passionate pulsating romantic sad.

Beschreibung: Groovin' gospel/funk piece with piano organ vocal phrases funky bass and contemporary drums. Perfect for ads comedies or anywhere you want to inject a little spice. Served with a smile! instrumental joyful.

Beschreibung: Orchastral christmas holiday carol happiness new year winter bell children snow.

Beschreibung: Piano jazz dixie land honky tonk walking bass brushed drums simple fun light calm happy upbeat up tempo piano solo piano bar bar piano dixie piano scott joplin rag ragtime dixie piano solo old style jazz traditional jazz.

Beschreibung: Epische Kino Kino Filmographie Krieg Kampf Kampf Hollywood orchestral dramatischen Film Trailer Spannung Spannung Aktion dynamische riesige heldenhafte mutig gewagte Legenden Mythen mutigen Aktion Film tv Computer Spiel dark Attack.

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