Beschreibung: Klavier, Ukulele, Glocken, rhythmisches Trommeln, klatschen und Xylophon. Dieser Track klingt sehr glücklich und erstellt eine fröhliche und positive Stimmung. Gut für Firmenvideos, Kino, Werbespots, Werbung oder als Webseite Musik.

Beschreibung: Happy and playful track for Christmas time creates the carefree mood of holiday expectation and joy to have fun. Song arranged with pizzicato strings and sounds very kindly. Ideal as background.

Beschreibung: März mit ironischen Geschmack von einer Brass Band gespielt. Zirkus-Atmosphäre voller Freude.

Beschreibung: Simple, subtle, innocent song is suitable for any kind of project - games, advertisements, multimedia, corporate presentation, storytelling, background on documentaries, home video, at children shows, app etc.

Beschreibung: Very light, merry and simple melody featuring accordion, marimba, vibes, trombone, tuba and drums. Very useful stuff for any kind of project related to kids.

Beschreibung: Playful and festival loop. Can be used in games, animations, video, TV etc.

Beschreibung: Playful and bizarre loop. Can be used in many types of games.

Beschreibung: A simple piano track evoking feelings of beauty, hope, reflection and love. Tranquil and delicate, it will add a warm touch to your project.

Beschreibung: Very beautiful soft melody song, good for children projects and for Christmas/New year.

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