Beschreibung: A nice light piano and cello piece evolving into a light grooving piece with drums.

Beschreibung: A simple piano composition featuring broken chords and simple melody.

Beschreibung: A beautiful blend of strings and a light drum to give it a relaxed groove.

Beschreibung: A man, with a mystery. This is a short loop-able song that can be used for those moments when you don't know whats going on.

Beschreibung: A short loopable section of epic strings and drums which can be used to set up some sort of conflict. Featuring drums, strings, and brass.

Beschreibung: A slow noire style piece featuring trumpet with a harmon mute and piano, bass, and drums. Great for mystery and noire style feel.

Beschreibung: A short loopable track feauring a train chase, with a train whistel, brushes on the drums, and an upright bass plucking along.

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