Beschreibung: dreifach Rhythmusgitarre mit verzerrten Folie führen. perfekt für ein trauriger Moment oder ein Angebot Teenager-Zeit, oder eine Rückblende zu eins. Royalty Free Music und Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projekten einschließlich YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, und alle Medien.

Beschreibung: ein lustiges Stück, das perfekt für Cartoons ist. Pizzicato Streicher zu Fuß nach oben und unten während der zufälligen Hörner Akzent unabwendbare "klatscht"!.

Beschreibung: Driving drums and orchestra hits punctuate this short work that is full of energy and brass-centric explosive hits. Perfect for an action film, game or commercial.

Beschreibung: Low brass blasts accents over bass drum and snare rhythms reminiscent of 1970's television detective scenes. A simple and sparse arrangement, a small counterpoint section featuring muted and regular trumpets with guitar scrapes for additional rhythms finish out this loopable 1 minute piece.

Beschreibung: Bouncing, driving strings combine with powerful drums and other rhythmic elements creating a dramatic, heroic and epic short work for symphony orchestra.

Beschreibung: Immediately pulling you into a cool groove, this funky rock loop has slightly gritty guitars and drums, with a nice guitar lead that is a real ear worm.

Beschreibung: Overdriven guitar open this up into a funky, blues-inspired guitar. Contrapuntal guitar and bass-lines interweave into a cool, funky soup of energy.

Beschreibung: Funk blues guitar riff drives this deep-groove loop, with aggressive drums and a bouncy feel it sets a cool, laid-back vibe, but still with plenty of energy to move it along.

Beschreibung: Starting and ending with a pink floyd-influenced style riff, this loop breaks down into a very funky B section followed by a C section with a slight zydeco feel to it.

Beschreibung: Bouncy, driving aggressive funk-rock track with a modern edge that loops perfectly. Reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers circa 2003.

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