Beschreibung: Happy Ukulele Summer is a really happy and upbeat song that can be used to create a really joyful spirit. The song consists of a Ukulele, a glockenspiel, real claps, voices and percussion. The song can be used for mobile games, videos, happy presentations, and much more. We hope you like and enjoy it. Thank you! Moods: Happy, energetic, inspiring, motivational, accomplished, elegant and corporate, glockenspiel, cute, games, mobile, etc.

Beschreibung: Christmas, advertising, after effects, background, bells, bright, business positive, clear, confident, cool, discovery, dreamy, easy, elegant, energetic, festive, fresh, fun, funny, happy, hopeful, inspirational, intense, joyful, light, lively, magical, motivational, nature, optimistic, peaceful, playful, positive, powerful, promotion, romantic, santa, sensual, slight, soft, travel, tv, ukulele, upbeat, uplifting, web, wholesome, easy listening

Beschreibung: Light, transparent, atmospheric background track. Gentle arpeggiated electric guitars, atmospheric solos, warm pads, bright, clear piano and and glossy, quiet groove. The composition is suitable for musical backgrounds or sound illustrations, soundtrack or audio presentation.

Beschreibung: Easy Summer Music as Video Background, TV Spots and Advertising. Smooth Piano Melody with a relaxed rhythm. Take a seat in a beach chair or cafe. Order a drink and enjoy the life in the Afterwork. Instruments : Piano, Semi Acoustic Guitar, E-Piano, Natural Drums This track is generally usable for business media design projects like image videos, presentations, in bars, hotels, lounges, as weather forecast background music or just for your own relaxation.

Beschreibung: Eine weiche erhebende Thema, gespielt durch eine Spacige Synthie-sound, Klavier und akustischer Gitarre über ein Licht Mitte Tempo Trommel zu schlagen. Diese positive und fröhliche Melodie bietet eine Atmosphäre von Freizeit und Luxus sowie Leichtigkeit und Gelassenheit, wodurch es eine ideale Hintergrundmusik für Wellness und Massagen oder Dokumentationen zu reisen.

Beschreibung: Nice synth arpeggio, glockenspiel, electric guitar and light percussion that create a friendly and relaxing mood.