Beschreibung: wonderful ambient with calm tones and quiet music to meditate and to enjoy a bit of relaxation, atmospheric sounds, ambient pads, groove and sparkling sound effects .. open the doors to the heart and listen

Beschreibung: a sweet sound of atmospheric pads that make it up, ambient tropical plants does not reflect our nature, we talk about anything but environment sci fi fantasy style alien ... abbinerei succeed even in a cartoon style, it is really delicious to listen I dislike all the changes and the changes that I've made ... a particular style ... a unique journey

Beschreibung: Background sensual and relaxing lounge track with warm analog synths, electric guitar and percussion. Perfect for presentation, calm and romantic themes.

Beschreibung: Do not sleep, beautiful, quiet, and very relaxing, meditating chillout, ambient sounds designed this track with a pad and a integrante ..da melody a calm feeling .in the composition there is a bass with a pad changing melodies for its chorus, is divided into two ..bella and particular stages, synth effects and low are the leading track ..

Beschreibung: Welcome to space, where sound and reality merge and become one, single, special, strange, a sound that pushes you beyond this boundary ..the space, beyond everything 'that we can not understand ... sounds that do not exist in nature, particle effects, sounds out of this world ..

Beschreibung: Deja Vu ...A feeling of something that was already lived, Psybient, psychedelic, mystic sounds and amazing effects ... Deja Vu is precisely because his style seems something I relived particularly sensational, this my track and for the kind of public and people who want to hear something different ... the atmosphere chillout, ambient is special ...

Beschreibung: an enchanted valley sounds and magic, fantasy and dream, lìimmersione to a magical portal, filled with sounds of light and hope, pads and synths, ranging in depth and touch the soul ... this track is the projection to a mysterious valley, where dreams come true and even a bit dramatic, because this depends on our point of view .... good listening and good vibes

Beschreibung: A bright, uplifting pop/rock track that combines a classic rock setup with with orchestral elements. The leading guitar lick is accompanied by strings, orchestral bells and piano, backed up by a strong bass and powerful drums. This positive track represents power, optimism and confidence

Beschreibung: Smooth and calm chill out track with a deep synths that create a relaxing mood.