Beschreibung: Enchanted World.The description is clear and precise, a plunge into an enchanted world, between psychedelic sounds and pads that come and go, psychedelic effects, a bass that accompanies all without stopping, the atmosphere and psychedelic fantasy ..rilassante and very individual, the everything is mixed for you to conceive of another world that exists only in my mind ..

Beschreibung: I call it psycho electro, very trance-ambient but the psychedelic touches, no shortage .. fits any style from electronic trance new age, it has beautiful atmospheres and stellar sound, space that can also be adapted on a cartoon style animations or sci fi special trance ambient environments ...

Beschreibung: Emerzone is a dip in a water paradise a city submerged in the sea aquatic with many modern synth sounds on the subject of psychedelia ambient chillout

Beschreibung: Very cool and modern chillout/lounge track featuring soft synth bells and jazz guitar. This track communicates luxury and recreation. Example uses could be advertisements for hotels, spas or any type of media related to travel and the good life. Underscore version, edits & loops available. Enjoy!

Beschreibung: Clouds without end, this music is heavenly, the sounds and the atmosphere leading to the heavenly paradise, where children sing and dance from Goa to fly on a very high frequency, Psybient, chillout, ambient, many feelings and emotions never so many voices in .. synthesizers special real world, a trip to paradise where everything sparkles of light and harmony with all living beings ..

Beschreibung: Slide-Gitarre, Spinning electronica, männlich vox, weit offen. Royalty Free Music und Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projekten einschließlich YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, und alle Medien.

Beschreibung: Modern and stylish lounge track with cool synthesizers and light beat creating a glamorous and sensual atmosphere.

Beschreibung: ein Walzer, Chillout Stil. verfügt über Prominente Rhodes und interessante Percussion. auch der Stimmen. Lizenzfreie Musik und bestand Musik für Creative Audio Visual Projekte wie YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, und alle Medien.

Beschreibung: The land of ice, gave me a lot a feeling of a landscape immersed in the ice, which acts as a low contour across the track, and very soft synthesizer sounds, is of course a composition inspired by the fantasy, psybient ambient very calm ... but its fast time and a little aggressive ... is divided in two phases a faster, then comes a slower piece in which falls the time and change the type of arpeggiator on time, very soft a track to listen to before sleep. .

Beschreibung: It transmits a lot of serenity ... if you want to relax listening chillout, ambient pads, a guitar all manipulated effects, beautiful synthesizer sounds, old electronic and lead psycho ..a mixture of chillout and atmospheric sounds very mystical and melodic all a particular melody, you can combine the ambient, but also the beautiful and intriguing cinematic ..strana ..pace and love ..