Beschreibung: progressive, electronic, transcendental, trancedance, psychedelic, aurora borealis, trip, space, festival

Beschreibung: progressive, electronic, trance, psychill, chillas, meditation, culture, festival, transcendence, aeon, life

Beschreibung: trance, edm, rave, tomorrowland, vibe, energy, mainfloor, miami, ibiza, tiesto, armin van buuren, armada, uplifting, ATB, sasha, above, beyond

Beschreibung: progressive, psy, festival, rave, acid, lsd, experience, offbeat, psychedelic, mdma, trip, forest, hemp

Beschreibung: psytrance, fullon, morning, night, power, hi tech, boom, ozora, xxx, universo, fullmoon, shiva, trance, psychedelic, rave

Beschreibung: The feeling of another world completely nonexistent, Psybient, chillout, ambient ..All a mixture of magical sounds and transparent, for total relaxation, and as the awakening of another part of us .from mysterious soundtrack, and a low enveloping the entire monument made sound and emotional poetry ..

Beschreibung: A work space, this melody once heard has the power I do not know why to stay in the head, leaving a space That is PRECISELY track, you will find us fantasy sci fi trance tunes sounds ... the galactic universe ... column cosmic sound .. a different experience from the usual plays ..when definitely catapult you into a world you did not know .. happy happy and unique lively, party and music, dancing on the moon

Beschreibung: It is an electro psychedelic composition, varies in style chillout, ambient very electronic space, is not something common, a particular style and varied, changes in sequences, effects, pad, futuristic electronic sounds, and beautiful experimental environmental pad, this is my new trial, goes to 95 bpm slow but very rich in sounds and stratospheric effects, special and intriguing ... all dark and very acidic, but very sweet sounds ...