Beschreibung: Emotional music full of melancholy sadness and hope

Beschreibung: A dark and cold trip hop track. Very cinematic and urban sounding. Drving in the dark city at night with a loaded gun and a big bag of heroin in the trunk. Those are the images that go with this track. The track ends with a very nice sounding string theme. Sounds like Massive Attack.

Beschreibung: Das Licht, schwimmende Gefühl von gleiten durch neblige Gase im Deep Space. Trip Hop-Elemente und ein mildes Gefühl.

Beschreibung: Tom Waits inspiriert klingt (Marimba, Akkordeon, Kontrabass) und moderne elektronische Produktion mit einem sehr melodisch epischen Ballade. Mehrere Abschnitte mit Haken und Charakter. Royalty Free Music und Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projekten einschließlich YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, und alle Medien.

Beschreibung: A dark, otherworldly, synth-driven piece with persistent electro beats and driving bass

Beschreibung: A big tobacco lobbyist is contemplating turning himself into the feds who are gathered outside his office door.

Beschreibung: A lonely and moody cue that will remind you of crappy traffic while its pouring rain.

Beschreibung: Mysterious touching downtempo song performed on synthesizers on a breakbeat style with a soft introduction.