Beschreibung: Jugendlich Auftakt energetische & Hard Rockin 'Länge. Think Extreme Sports!

Beschreibung: Alternative / Grunge-Stil Rocker mit jangly Gitarren und alles. Royalty Free Music und Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projekten einschließlich YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, und alle Medien.

Beschreibung: This is cool punk rock music with driving energetic feeling and upbeat active mood. Sounds grungy and strong. Punk rock \ garage rock track with hi gain guitars, nice solo guitar melody, groovy drums and atmosphere of beer party. Great for sports and action projects, rock party or youth party video, high school teen projects, any kind of energetic project. If you need grunge \ punk rock track – try this one.

Beschreibung: Hard rock track based on a powerful guitar riff. Perfect for your sports videos, presentations, advertising, YouTube, etc.

Beschreibung: Playful and fun track in easy style of punk rock. The quick pace, wide stereo guitar, dense and well audible bass. Excellent composition, which can be used in youth videos and movies, in advertising youth, child and adolescent subjects, trailers and wherever you want.

Beschreibung: Energetic, powerful and aggressive punk-rock song with guitars, bass and drums. Good track for action scenes like: drive, sport, scating, fights and more.

Beschreibung: In your face brash guitar riff sets this angst track ablaze. Hard driving, dystopian, psychotronic, futuristic, punk rock.

Beschreibung: Intro punk rock logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!

Beschreibung: A modern, energetic, hard, strong, upbeat, bouncy, catchy rock track with an extremely exciting sound. Track contains powerful sound of guitars with distortion, heavy drums and deep bass. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, party, web advertisements, action movies, trailers, drive, soundtracks, youtube, successful, business, motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, applications, backgrounds, presentations, promotions, commercials, visuals. Similar style to AC/DC, Green Day, Foo Fighters.