Beschreibung: Beautiful romantic music track for celebrations. Use it in love story, wedding or anniversary video, family slideshow. The track creates sweet dreamy atmosphere of happiness and love. Guitar, piano, bass, drums, synth and strings make it emotional and tender. Enjoy!

Beschreibung: Lyrical and dramatic music track that can complete and project and emphasize artist's intention. The piece will cause you to reflec or even to sum everything up. This music track consists of two parts. The first one ends with feel of incompleteness and second - with convincing fundamental note.

Beschreibung: Fun and lively song. Dedicated to advertising, marketing, presentations or tv series. Funny, humorous, comic, children, dynamic and optimistic.

Beschreibung: Instrumental music composed with synthesizers and piano, describing disturbing and sickening scenes. Very good and useul for films and TV series with horror and wreck topics. Also for psycho-killer and suspense topics talking about someone with a very ill mind or a very twisted serial killer. Also good for reports and docs talking about the dark side of the human nature.

Beschreibung: Experimental, rhythmic, rousing and unusual composition for videos, games, audio collections and other projects! Instruments in track: drums, basses, cellos, violins, trumpets, trombones and oboe. Enjoyable listening!

Beschreibung: Epic orchestral cinematic trailer music for your video production, slideshow, advertising, films, television broadcasting, news, video games and more..

Beschreibung: Epic and motivating environment. Self-improvement, adventure and optimism for a song that can be tailored to series, movies, pictures or funds for any situation in which quality music for a project to achieve the expected results is needed.

Beschreibung: Instrumental music made for orchestra. Nostalgic and melancholic at first, then the mood is changed and it turns into happiness and hope. Good for films, advertising and corporate productions. Optimistic.

Beschreibung: Psycho! CRAZY. weird, nutty, suspenseful, thriller, movie, insane, dope, horror

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