Beschreibung: Dramatic, epic action trailer. Super intense Hollywood blockbuster trailer - perfect to infuse action film / gaming projects with epic, dramatic and cinematic ambiance. Fusing orchestral and heavy rock elements into an intense trailer experience, this track features strings, brass and cinematic sub boom effects, as well as heavy metal guitar and a pounding drum kit.

Beschreibung: Umgebungstemperatur Melodic Thema mit Arpeggio Texturen und sinfonischen Kontrapunkte

Beschreibung: Friedliche, liebevolle Stück mit üppigen Orchesterbearbeitung

Beschreibung: An energetic track that features very dynamic drum rhythm and an ethnic voice that makes this track epic. Perfect for commercials, trailer, movies, documentaries, etc...

Beschreibung: Eine intime Klavier tune mit subtilen Cello\bass unter, "Dad's Piano" ist einer der diese einfache, emotionale Songs, die zart jederzeit – unterstreichen können, ob es sich um ein Kind Wiegenlied oder einen endgültigen Abschied zu sagen, dieser Track markieren diese Gefühle weich, schwer zu beschreiben.

Beschreibung: Skurrile und bunten Cue für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen einschließlich corporate/Business, Werbung, tv und Film.

Beschreibung: A soft and reflective piano piece with orchestral strings. Perfect choice for emotional scenes. The track could underscore a scene featuring a beginning of love, an autumn day or a memory of the childhood. Instrumental, Dramatic, Ethereal Music

Beschreibung: Heartfelt piece for piano and strings, focusing on a feeling of warmth and kindness. Works great in commercial spots, films, web videos, games, and any project that needs a feeling of happiness and contentment. Uploaded from high-quality, uncompressed WAV, and priced to maximize how much music you get for your money. This is perfect for anyone who needs subtle, but effective underscore.

Beschreibung: A variety of dynamics full of vivid colors, in a trance-chill out concept, with blend of baroque and flamenco and orchestral movements.