Beschreibung: An energetic, upbeat and modern track with catchy, aggressive pop guitar hooks, a driving beat, cool transitions and overall positive attitude. Great for extreme sports videos, commercials, websites, presentations, YouTube videos, racing, sports, and any project that needs great, high-powered energy and testosterone! advertising, beat, big beat, commercial, cool, driving, electric guitar, energetic, energy, exciting, extreme, exuberant, fast, fun, high-energy, modern, pop, positive, power, punk, racing, rebellious, rock, snowboarding, speed, sports, testosterone, upbeat, uplifting

Beschreibung: A powerful and aggressive old school funky instrumental track similar to deeply soulful horn groups of the seventies. Build on a super cool bass groove riff that is doubled on keyboard and full brass section and a rock solid drum back beat. Female vocal shouts and scats enter the fray at the mid point along with a roaring electric guitar solo and sfx. Fun stuff for your project.

Beschreibung: 30 sec up tempo Funky blues live band vibe would work for TV/Film

Beschreibung: get loved is a modern funky groove with a Daft Punk and Get Lucky style, “Random Access Memories” vibe. A trendy, funky disco track in a contemporary style, great for movies, dance scenes, fashion shows, background music, radio and movies.

Beschreibung: Cool & Funky Guitar Rock groove "Lenny Kravitz, Maroon Five" mixing grungy guitars and clean funk backing guitars. Great for TV, website, DVD, corporate, movies, youtube, Rock Music, Funk Rock

Beschreibung: "Daft eine digitale Audio-Funk-Therapie ist eine moderne funky Groove mit Daft Punk, ihr Glück und Leben zurück geben Musikstil,"Random Access Memories"Vibe. Ein trendiges, funky Disco-Track in zeitgenössischem Stil, ideal für Filme, Tanzszenen, Modeschauen, Elektronische Musik, Radio und Filmen.

Beschreibung: Zeitraum Gesang 70er Jahre Funk Gitarre elektrische Sax männlich Mitte

Beschreibung: An actual funk sound, retro, disco, groovy like Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Sly and the family stone. One goal: Funk the place!