Beschreibung: (SAMBA) Fender Rhodes electric piano, vibes, drums, flamenco guitar; a musical nod to “I Dream Of Jeannie” American TV show of the 60’s, it’s fun and whimsical!

Beschreibung: A slightly dark and mysterious samba with piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums with brushes.

Beschreibung: A frenetic and bluesy samba with piano, guitar, steel drum, vibes, bass, drums and percussion.

Beschreibung: An intoxicating Latin jazz tune with piano, flute, guitar, marimba, bass and drums.

Beschreibung: An encouraging and motivational Latin pop tune with piano, flute, guitar, marimba, bass and drums.

Beschreibung: (samba) piano, electric piano, acoustic bass, guitar, flute, drums, bongos. Quirky fun with a driving bongo beat.

Beschreibung: acoustic guitar, Steinway grand piano, electric piano, electric bass, drums, Latin percussion. A silly name for such a cool tune.

Beschreibung: Steinway grand piano, flute, electric piano, acoustic guitar, upright jazz bass, Latin percussion. Futuristic, airy quality plays with your imagination, a flight of fancy awaits as you step onboard.

Beschreibung: (samba) electric piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass, banjo, flute, latin percussion, drums. Latin rhythm, with a bluegrass undertone. Bela’ Fleck meets Astrud Gilberto. Artful, poignant melody that moves you physically and emotionally.

Beschreibung: (samba) Electric piano, upright jazz bass, acoustic guitar, electric jazz guitar, drums, Latin percussion. Rumors and innuendos fill the air, and the music translates that emotion with exciting urgency.