Beschreibung: Acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion combine for a laid-back, Latin-inspired arrangement.

Beschreibung: приятная эмоциональная музыка латинской тематики . красивая акустическая гитара

Beschreibung: зажигательная музыка для рекламы кино и просто прослушивания и танца

Beschreibung: Bright and lively tune of acoustic guitar, sounds of Latin percussion instruments, drum set, and double bass are intertwined in this dizzy intricate rhythm of samba... For any yours "Latin" projects!

Beschreibung: A happy upbeat fun & happy Latin American cumbia featuring percussion, virtuous flamenco style acoustic guitar, bass & keyboards. Superb gypsy feel for dance collections, courtship dance, performances, infectious melodies & rhythms. Media ready for tv, film, video, radio broadcasts video projects. Instrumental, Tropical, Cumbia

Beschreibung: A smooth gentle breezy romantic slow latin boss nova track which features 4 horn brass section, flute, tenor sax, piano, upright bass, latin percussion and a luscious synth. Useful for a warm mellow sound in Films, TV, Radio, media projects advertising, promotions, marketing, entertainment, video, Instrumental, Latin, Latin Easy Listening

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