Beschreibung: "Creation" is a cinematic orchestral track. Mood: slowly building up in crescendo from dreamy/romantic/contemplative/mystical into powerful/glorious/epic/heroic. Instrumentation: piano, joined by orchestra, followed by percussion and choir. Electric guitar power chords at the very end. After climax there is a gentle slowing down piano ending. Suggested use: inspirational/motivational, action/adventure, science documentaries, dramatic scenes, success stories, sports, competition, heroic advertising and commercials. Generally, whenever a lush, epic climax is required.

Beschreibung: Cinematic orchestral trailer track for your media projects, films, sport, television broadcasting, commercial, games, websites.

Beschreibung: dramatic, upbeat energy, orchestral with cello melody, very rhythmic and fast moving, lots of counter melodic instruments

Beschreibung: drama, quirky, comedic, animation, light humour, piano and pizzicato with light percussion

Beschreibung: Inspirierende Einführung führt zum vollen Orchester Rock. Eine Spur, die ein Gefühl der Leistung, Feier und Erfolg vermittelt. Ideal für Firmen Verwendung / Präsentationen

Beschreibung: Barock, Tanz, Burg, Mittelalterlich, Dame, König, Glockenspiel, hell, Trompete, langsamen Tempo, Renaissance, Menuett, Gavotte, Pavane, lustig, verträumt, Cembalo, fröhlich, leicht, Violine, Orchester, 18. Jahrhundert, Prinzessin Spaß, melancholisch, verspielt, optimistisch, fröhlich, hoffnungsvoll, sentimental, positiv, Flöten, Flöte, Oboe, Cello, Fagott, Drums, vor 15. Jahrhundert, 16. Jahrhundert, 17. Jahrhundert

Beschreibung: A powerful rendition of this classic Civil War era song, complete with marching snare drum, flutes and brass.