Beschreibung: Luscious, lovely & powerful slow beat tight soft pop rock track ballad featuring a strong female vocal performance, big electric guitar solo, a sweet synth pads, & a rock solid rhythm section. A moving on love song usable musical number for radio play, film or tv scenes & a variety media productions, Female Vocals, Pop, Pop Ballad

Beschreibung: An inspirational piece that builds nicely. Perfect for a motivational scene.

Beschreibung: Instrumental pop groove track with a happy good times feel. Music for having fun, travel, and good weather. Fun sports, frisbee throwing, family fun, Disneyland, amusement parks, romantic picnic, hiking, walks on the beach, and sailing.

Beschreibung: Instrumental pop groove track with a happy vibe. Track has a pop-jazz feel. Music for cruising in your car, traveling, having fun in the sun, and good times.

Beschreibung: Nostalgic song performed on clean guitar and synthesizers, emulated overdriven guitar and strings. Mood : remembering and longing for good things of the past to come back.

Beschreibung: Epic song with lyrics, performed on synth orchestrals, blending modern drums patterns and symphonic percussion like timpani. Noli me tangere, meaning "don't touch me" / "touch me not", is the Latin version of words spoken, according to John 20:17, by Jesus to Mary Magdalene when she recognizes him after his resurrection. Vocals by Lea Rossetti and Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio. (instrumental and soft versions listed separately at my portfolio)

Beschreibung: A melancholic meditative song, with female vocals and english lyrics about the ups and downs in life and the possibility of discover our hidden abilities. Performed on steel guitar making arpeggios and strumming, synthesizers emulating drums, strings, piano and a bass on a fretless style performing a complex line. Sergio Schnitzler (a.k.a. Yio): song, guitars, synths, lyrics, vocal recording Maria Lea Rossetti: vocals Key of B minor

Beschreibung: A romantic and relaxed passion pop piece that keeps pleasantly floating along. Features soaring emotional female vocals, brilliant solo and backing electric guitars, thick flowing bass and subtle synths. Well suited for wide ranging uses including: tv, radio, video, soothing, on hold and credits, Female Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop

Beschreibung: A lovely, airy, idealistic and positive ambient pop track featuring a strong and emotional male voice, a brilliant alto sax solo, smooth synth sounds, flowing bass and drums that bring the beat back in. Suitable for wide ranging uses including finance, insurance, lifestyle tv, film, radio and video.

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