Beschreibung: Eingängige Pop-Reggae-Soul-Gesang mit einem großen Groove! Rhythmusgruppe und weibliche BG Vox zu zuschlagen, eine nette.

Beschreibung: Contemporary pop/rock ballad. Pleasant sound of classical instruments mixed with groovy beats and strings. This is a sentimental and romantic pop ballad with piano, woman voice and choirs, emotional and deep drums, live orchestral strings.

Beschreibung: Pop-Soul-Song. Royalty Free Music und Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projekten einschließlich YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, und alle Medien.

Beschreibung: Pop Chill out ambient song with great bass lines,synths,nice groove and fx

Beschreibung: Atmosphere pervaded by a subtle melancholy in this loop, with a great electric piano soloist over a texture of synths, strings and percussions.

Beschreibung: A song about forgiveness and the power to BE YOURSELF. There are dreamy synths and beautiful percussive instruments decorating this entire track. With elements of Pop, Fusion, and Soul, this song will take you to deep places. Use when trying to deepen the mood and create an space of love, Instrumental, Themes, Theme Music

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