Beschreibung: Dub, cinematic track. A slow and heavy beat with deep bass contrast with the soft vibraphone melody. The track evolves around a tension that builds up until reaching a climax at the end. At 3:05 A break beat layer is added to the beat, enhancing the track.

Beschreibung: Klassische Reggae-Riffs in einem sonnigen, Wohlfühlen Mitte Tempo Instrumental.

Beschreibung: Happy go lucky reggae music that will bring visions of the sandy beaches and clear waters of Jamaica. A signature bass riff starts this feel good track and features a tropical horn section coupled with guitar, timbales and lots of percussion. Great for Caribbean travel, tropical settings, parties and beach scenes.

Beschreibung: Süße midtempo Reggae/Hawaii-Feeling. Sie fühlen sich den Ozean alle um Sie herum...

Beschreibung: Ein rebellischer Reggae-Song mit Luft Hörner, Organe und eine elektrische Gitarre

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