Beschreibung: Relaxing and inspiring violin combined with modern electronic and energetic rhythms of dubstep. Perfect for movie, epic and dramatic videos and much more.

Beschreibung: Kind, carefree and summery acoustic guitar underscore. Light and easy, but with pace, perfect for family, wholesome food products and outdoor summer event promos. Features acoustic guitars with light percussion and re-occurring logos. Specially composed for radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Beschreibung: Nostalgic, scenic, relaxed feel, easy, country roads, ballad, peaceful, nature, acoustic guitar

Beschreibung: Reflective, nature, peaceful, mood, acoustic,guitar,heartfelt,simple, sweet

Beschreibung: Good time rock, catchy, acoustic guitar answers, Southern, feel good, rural, happy

Beschreibung: Rural, memories,light hearted, easy, country, happy, good times, acoustic guitar

Beschreibung: Slow sweet feel, easy, romance, country, ballad, peaceful, nature, acoustic guitar, reflective

Beschreibung: Southern funk, southern swamp, bluesy acoustic guitar, travel, rural feel

Beschreibung: Simple country feel, easy, relaxed, nature, peaceful, serene, medium tempo, swampy, blues

Beschreibung: Time passing, harmonics, acoustic guitar, time clock, acoustic, automation, determined

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