Beschreibung: Marken, Militär, Drama, Drama-Thriller, Drama-Tension, Drama-Abenteuer, Drama-Danger, Aktiv, Action, Aggressive, Atmosphärisch, Big, Bold, Bouncy, gehauchten, Bau, sicher, Dramatic, Fahren, Ethereal, expressiv, Fließende, Maschinenbau, bedrohlich, geheimnisvoll, patriotisch, perkussive, Poignant, Pulsing, druckvoll, Ernst, Strong, stattlich, Intense, Intrige, in eine selbstbewusste, aggressiv, mysteriöse Stimmung, mit Drums, Drone, Snare, Percussion, Streicher, mit einem Mid, Langsames Tempo

Beschreibung: Militär, Drama, Orchester, Theater-Epos, Drama-Adventure, Erwartung, Broad, sicher, perkussive, Proud, dramatisch, Positive, Epic, Majestic, in einer Emotional, Positive, Poignant Stimmung, mit Streicher, Drums, Snare, Orchester, mit einem Mid-Tempo

Beschreibung: Military, repetitive, perkussive, entschlossen, in einem mächtigen Stimmung, mit Drums, Snare, Becken, Pauken, mit einem langsamen Tempo

Beschreibung: Hurry Up It’s Christmas! will add a real sense of magic and movement to your production. Perfect for any scenes of a busy Christmas day, the days leading up to Christmas or indeed any scenes throughout the festive period. Instruments include harp, piano, woodwind, strings, soft cymbal percussion, glockenspiel and sleigh bells, giving an authentic sound for this time of year.

Beschreibung: This is a loved and well known holiday carol. It is used in many countries as a standard choice for any festive celebration or Christmas theme application. This version is done in a simple music box style with flute, choir, string section, and harp giving it a warm and innocent feel.

Beschreibung: This is a well known and loved Christmas classic that is of German origin The best known lyrics are from 1824 by a Leipzig organist named Ernst Anschütz. The melody is an old Traditional folk tune. The first known “Tannenbaum” song lyrics date back to 1550. Strangely enough as it is there are many English lyric versions and the States of Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, and New Jersey adapted the melody to their State Songs. This arrangement is in a classical orchestra ensemble with flute, choir, harp, strings, and woodwinds that give a sweet and holy feeling. 104 bpm. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, How lovely are your branches! In beauty green will always grow Through summer sun and winter snow. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, How lovely are your branches! O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, You are the tree most loved! How often you give us delight In brightly shining Christmas light! O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, You are the tree most loved! O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, Your beauty green will teach me That hope and love will ever be The way to joy and peace for me. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, Your beauty green will teach me.

Beschreibung: KONZERTGITARRE Stil KONZERTGITARRE Instrumental reflektierende Stück, das mittelalterliche Entspannung stilvollen Abendessen Werbespots zeitlose Vorahnung unterstrich für eine geschwungene Landschaft Stil Flamencogitarre ist

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