Beschreibung: Spannend, heiter und fröhlich fröhliche Weihnachten Originalthema, mit ein paar bekannten verzichtet. Voller Freude und festliche jubeln, dieses Lied hat Tempo und ist toll, stand-alone als Hintergrund Weihnachtsmusik, Talk-Over-Bett, Infomercial oder kommerzielle. Verschiedene Mixe und Schnitte - Happy Holidays!

Beschreibung: A majestic orchestral version of the traditional New Year tune Auld Lang Syne featuring a full symphonic orchestra. Great for advertising, tv,film and video that needs a celebratory New Year vibe.

Beschreibung: Fröhlich, Triumph und wundersame ursprünglichen Thema Weihnachten, mit Trompete, Streicher, Knabenchor und Glocken. Verschiedene kommerzielle Länge schneidet und mischt zur Verfügung.

Beschreibung: Warme und verträumte Interpretation des Feiertages klassische.

Beschreibung: This is a well know public domain standard for all festive, family, or corporate function celebrations. It is used as a standard for the New Years Eve parties but can be used for any party. This version is a romantic and sentimental harp duet that gives a feeling of warm innocence that's full of humble sentiment and will surely to bring a tear to the eyes of more than a few! 100 bpm and edited for seamless looping.

Beschreibung: This is a cheerful and joyful orchestral Christmas tune composed for the winter and holiday season. It is packed with awesome strings, fanfare trumpets, majestic horns, trombones, snare drums, a nice choir and of course the obligatory bells, glockenspiel, celesta and harp sounds that define the ultimate Santa sound. Perfect for every project that needs merry music for the best time of the year.

Beschreibung: 1m44 - flute and sleighbells, then classical guitar. a full, christmassy feel. break at 38sec - 1m02. full end.

Beschreibung: "Uplifting Christmas" is uplifting, joyful christmas feeling feature a solo piano, sleight bell and strings. This track fit for christmas project.

Beschreibung: This is my new optimistic positive corporate Christmas Holiday Romantic Dance Music 30s track with celebratory festive bright mood, which contains bells, guitar, electronic club drums, synths and bass…This loop track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical holiday new year or christmas background for websites, in computer children's arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertising, wedding and commercial video or presentation, photo slideshow, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)