Beschreibung: Not whispering but mostly indistinct, somewhat subdued walla from a courtroom/hallway setting. Just a few voices mostly male voices in a fair size room as if talking business. Stereo. Some subtle movement to add texture.

Beschreibung: Room tone like presence with background coughs and very subtle movements in a large size room. Good for crowd bg ambience interior. Not too busy.

Beschreibung: Hintergrundsound mit ruhigen männlicher und weiblicher Stimme. Weitgehend undeutlich. Einige Mvt und Rascheln. Stereo. Schöne Füllung.

Beschreibung: Beschäftigt Nähmaschine Sweatshop. Viele Maschinen. Stereo.

Beschreibung: Classroom activity without voices. Clean pencil, paper, pen movements. Stereo.

Beschreibung: Clean, steady, neutral feeling room tone. No traffic, air conditioning or movements. Live recording. High quality recording chain.

Beschreibung: Large audience settles in with non distinct bg voices, light movements.

Beschreibung: Sound within a building as it starts to crumble and fall apart with bricks, debris and glass crashing to the floor.

Beschreibung: Stereo ambience or sound effect recording of the lobby of a busy downtown corporate or business type building. An active elevator bay, footsteps, a rotating door, and the murmur of passing conversation fill the large, reverberant space made with high ceilings and marble tile.