Beschreibung: Even space troopers need down time. On the sandy beaches of Rigel 4 under a blood red sun, the space-marines put aside their weapons and start to dance... Upbeat dance with a military march intro.

Beschreibung: Sequencer-based retro, 80s style Science Fiction Theme/Intro for a film or game.

Beschreibung: Forbidden Planetoid 02 - An eerie, wailing electronic soundtrack for a 1950s Science Fiction movie.

Beschreibung: Racing through the solar system... A synth backing track with no lead.

Beschreibung: In The Highlands - Ambient soundscape - skirling drones and the sough of wind through the mist-shrouded Scottish mountains.

Beschreibung: Under The Stone - Ambient drone soundscape with dripping water sounds of an underground cavern and phasing pulses.

Beschreibung: Spaceflight - Ambient space soundscape with repeating rhythmic melody and phasing drones.

Beschreibung: Massive armoured mechanoids march ponderously across the devastated planet... For film or video games.

Beschreibung: Military Science Fiction style intro track with martial drums and beating tymps. Bold march Intro/Title music for a science fiction film or video game.

Beschreibung: An ambient roadtrip through the decaying ruins of a once thriving industrial city.

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