Beschreibung: A Love That Will Never Die is an orchestral film music cue that is romantic and emotional. Music Theme for main titles and end credits and happy endings.

Beschreibung: Magical Gifts is an orchestral film music cue with a magical feeling and vibe. Thihk Christmas, Santa's Workshop, a magical land, Santa at the North Pole, etc.

Beschreibung: Electronic groove track with a sense of urgency or hurrying. Music designed for a luxury car commercial or crime show with criminals on the run.

Beschreibung: Soundtrack underscore for a movie trailer, movie scene, video game, or news programming. Action Adventure music for film and television.

Beschreibung: Instrumental groove track with a strong beat and modern sounds. Good dance track with a driving rhythm. Party music, club scene, high energy, big sound, and great solo lead lines. Exciting music for a promo, luxury cars, high fashion, etc.

Beschreibung: High Energy Electronica with a Big Bass Beat. Big Drums, Cool Sounds, and a EDM vibe.

Beschreibung: High Energy Electronica that will get you dancing and partying. Think Vegas Nights on The Strip.

Beschreibung: Expressive Strings create an emotional music piece designed for In Memoriam, Memorials, Funerals, Documentaries, Lost Love, Sad Movie Scenes, Sad Good Byes, Longing, Remembrance, etc.

Beschreibung: New Military Intelligence is an orchestral film music cue designed for war documentaries, war history television shows, war scenes, battle scenes, war films, video games, etc. Think the video game Call of Duty.

Beschreibung: Sunny and Mild is a music cue played by a string quartet that has a positive and upbeat vibe. Music designed for weather report TV segments, Wall Street Report, financial and business TV segments, art gallery music, art music, etc.

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