Beschreibung: This song is a mellow but driving acoustic guitar folk track, starting with two lightly picked guitars and an organ, and building to light piano, bass, and electric piano, with a shaker keeping the beat throughout the song. Calm and soothing, this track evokes images of a peaceful evening under the stars in the middle of summer.

Beschreibung: This jazz-influenced track begins with a melancholy piano, which is soon joined by an ensemble of instruments, including bass, acoustic guitar, drums, and synths. Medium paced, but with a darker feel, this song evokes images of uncertainty and loss.

Beschreibung: This positive and mellow song is driven by finger picked guitars and a piano tune, backed by synths, bass and electric piano. This track evokes images of peace and love.

Beschreibung: This ukulele driven track evokes images of sitting on a shore at night, playing, predictably, an ukulele. Piano, guitar, bass, synths, and percussion back the uke strumming. Perfect to back a peaceful and romantic video

Beschreibung: Starting out with simple jazzy piano chords, this track adds drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, bass and synths, growing into a hypnotic driving mellow song. Relaxing and dreamy, this is great background music for videos that need to evoke a laid back feel.

Beschreibung: This interesting acoustic guitar and piano driven song moves along in deliberate 6/8 time, invoking a feeling of production and wheels turning. This song brings to mind the creative thought process that happens when a project comes together. Mellow and organic, this song is a perfect background for any number of video use that requires a different but still accessible feel

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