Beschreibung: Bright and friendly African welcome. An up-tempo, vibrant and colourful introduction, from a warm and welcoming people. Really depicts the enthusiasm, diversity and friendliness of the country. Great for travelogue, documentary, multi-media and commercials. Main, underscore, 60's and 30's

Beschreibung: Traditional powerful flamenco song with acoustic guitar, hand claps, and percussion.

Beschreibung: A happy upbeat dance oriented Latin American cumbia featuring percussion, full brass section, electric guitar and bass. Superb caribbean feel for dance collections, courtship dance, sharp performances and infectious melodies and rhythms. Media ready for tv, film, video, radio broadcasts projects. Instrumental, Tropical, Cumbia

Beschreibung: Soccer Warrior is an intense batucada-like track for your sports projects. The song consists of a very heavy percussion like the one you would hear in Brazil. It can be used as a song for an advertisement, a video, a corporate project, a presentation, etc. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for your time! Moods are: Brazil, Batucada, percussion, sports, corporate, intense, etc.

Beschreibung: techno, samba, house, brazilian, carnaval, brazil, tech house, nu disco, indie dance, party, ibiza, batucada

Beschreibung: Driving samba, Latin colors, percussive energy, world, ballroom

Beschreibung: 'Brasilien Samba' ist eine typische Samba-Strecke, perfekt für Ihre Werbung, Präsentation, Youtube video oder kommerzielle. Natürlich funktioniert es besonders gut für jede Anwendung die Fußballmeisterschaft verbunden. Es wird mit der typischen Samba-Instrumente wie Posaune, Klavier, Schlagzeug und stampfenden Drums, einschließlich einigen alleinigen rhythmischen teilen gespielt.

Beschreibung: Sexy and romantic bachata from Dominican Republic. Recorded with electric guitar, bass and real latin drums and percussion.

Beschreibung: Ein cool lateinischen beeinflusst Reggaeton-Stichwort, die große für jedes Medium ist.